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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'd piss on them too!


Okay, some of you are going to be pissed at what I write here and some of you will agree. I've always promised that I would be honest with you no matter what the repercussions and I will never break that promise. I am listening to all opinions and you guys and gals know damn well that I have an open mind so I'm still willing to hear your side of this. But for now, here is my side.

WAR IS A MOTHER FUCKER! There ain't no two ways about it. We expect these men and women who have been dropped in to a big giant kitty litter box in Afghanistan to act like they are at a Sunday Church function. Well I have news for you, they are not! Is it okay that these guys were trying to kill these Marines? Is it okay that these extremists use women and children to hide behind? Is it okay that these guys give children bombs to carry over to the our soldiers and then detonate them? Is it okay that these Marines are ambushed at damn near every turn? Is it okay that when an an American or any other Allied soldier is captured that he is tortured, beheaded and then their remains dragged and paraded through the streets for all to spit on and to be beat with their shoes? FUCK NO IT'S NOT! So then you tell me what is the big God damned deal that after these Marines did battle and I'm sure that it was a hell of a battle with these guys, because they are usually entrenched and in fortified positions and our troops walk right in to it with no cover. They are then forced to fight for their lives while they watch their comrades die by their sides and they must continue to fight and fight or DIE! So I ask, what is the big fucking deal?

I can tell you this with out any question or reservations, if you try to kill me, my friends or my family and YOU FAIL and I kill you and I just happen to have to urinate, you can be damn straight that I'm going to piss on your corpse! Later if I find where you are buried, I will go there and piss too! These "fighters", notice that I did not call them soldiers, have no honor, no pride and no sense of commitment, they fight for the Taliban because they have nothing else to do, they have no life, they have no belongings, they don't have shit. They are illiterate, nearly every single one of them and they believe whatever fantasy they are told by those who are too afraid to fight and die themselves. So their own countrymen send them off to die. I SAY PISS ON ALL OF THEM! None of our Marines or Soldiers want to be there, none asked to go there but yet they are there and they have to live, fight and survive in horrid conditions, so what, they pissed on the men who tried to kill them!

I've heard people state that "this is going to effect our standing in the eyes of the world"! Well ya know what, I say fuck them too! I am so sick and tired of America having to be the world's police department. Every time something happens, every time a nation needs help, we are the first to help. We donate more than any country on earth when there is a catastrophe, we send aid workers to the most God awful places on the earth as volunteers and when the shit hits the fan, we are the first to send troops. Yet no matter what, WE ARE THE GREAT SATAN! We are the "monsters" of the world. I'm so sick and tired of hearing it. So I say this to all the Marines and American soldiers that read this blog where they are stationed, drink lots of water and gatorade, stay hydrated and after you kill these mother fuckers, PISS AWAY! Hell, I say next time, TAKE A GOOD SHIT ON THEM! Just make sure you get that on tape too. I don't care what anyone says, your friend Jack Shit is proud of everything that you do. Who the hell are we to complain about what these guys are doing? Did you volunteer to go? Yeah, didn't think so!

So c'mon, let the hate mail fly! Until we see each other again on the road,

Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back
and The Man off your Ass!

Your friend,
Jack Shit

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  1. jack-this can't be answered in few words--you have in-country soldiers for more than 9 yrs. these guy's in for 4,5,6 Tore's .In the mountains for years with THEM killing us sending us home with arms and legs missing, Head injuries.then the family has to JUMP THOUGH hoops to get care for there loved ones NOW --what we have is this, we have the MEDIA providing the news the government wants us to know-only one side, nothing from the other side have ANY real citizens gone to the Taliban or any of the haters out there NO NO NO nothing the other side doesn't know what the American people want and its not clear now at this point what they want----so here my solution isolationism--Iran wants the bomb for the Jews? let them test it then drop the BIGONE .Our country needs a face-lift .The world gave this new warmonger a noble peace prise what a fucking joke . this is directly the cause from the press here pumping up this weakling this floppy eared front yard lamp holder Jockey.Stop sending money to foreign countries .We need too be drilling oil right here digging coal right here natural gas right here--when those countries figure out we don't need them well you'll see the change dam near over night--we need to upgrade our school systems by privatizing them let capitalism work it's magic the epa is killing jobs by the regs enforced takes to much money to produce anything .Now ron paul has great ideas but he need a better presentation of it maybe a 60 minute show more tv but that may be the only way for the rest too understand this point of view