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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Bullshit, This Video May Save Your ASS!

This is no bullshit, this may literally save your life one day! THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE is what we are brought up to believe. Always tell the truth and nothing bad can happen to you. Well let me tell you something from someone who knows what it's like to get wrongfully caught up in the system because of a crooked cop who has devoted himself to sending you away for the rest of your natural life. All the truth will do is give a crooked cop or a dirty prosecutor the hurdles that they need to jump over to send you away forever!

I've posted this up on FaceBook and I've posted this on an old Blog way back in the day that I use to drop in and "guest" write a piece for now and again. This could quite possibly be the most important video that you or your loved ones have ever seen. I implore you that you watch all of it! I implore you that you watch this with your kids, your parents, your friends and anyone who matters to you even a tiny little bit. Oh that can never happen to me, right? You have no idea my friends, you have no idea what this can do to your life. Getting caught up in the legal system and being an innocent person does not mean a damn thing to the person bringing the charges or looking to "solve" a case! You see all the videos that have made their way on to the net these days of vicious cops beating people for no reason or even worse yet, the cop who believes with all his heart that YOU ARE THE ONE and he is wrong but will spend every waking moment of his life to end yours! Yes, it happens. Until you've seen your life savings taken away by your defense attorneys and then if you are lucky by the grace of God Almighty, a jury of people who are too stupid to not get out of jury duty will decide your fate and find you innocent, you will never know the pain and the heartache this can cause! If you are found not guilty and notice that I didn't say innocent, you are never found to be innocent, just NOT GUILTY, there is nothing you can do because the cops and the prosecutors are immune from prosecution and law suits themselves.

If you don't believe me, or you don't believe what you see in this video, that at the end by the way is confirmed to be DEAD ACCURATE by the Detective who is supposed to argue THE OTHER SIDE of the debate, then I say just do a search for WM3 or The West Memphis 3! These three boys, 16, 17 and 18 years old I believe have just been released after 20 years in prison, one, Damien Echols sentenced TO DIE BY LETHAL INJECTION all based on TALKING TO THE POLICE and believing that ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS TELL THE TRUTH! It is one of the worse cases of police and prosecutor gross misconduct that I have ever seen or heard of! After 20 years of Rock Stars, Country Stars, Huge Hollywood Stars, tens of thousands of people around the world screaming for justice and millions of dollars donated to the FINEST LAWYERS MONEY CAN BUY and DNA evidence, they didn't even get released as either Not Guilty nor Innocent. Ask yourself, when I'm wrongfully convicted of a crime, will these people be there for 20 years to fight to free me? NO, THEY SURE AS HELL WILL NOT!

AGAIN, I BEG YOU, WATCH THIS ENTIRE VIDEO! SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH EVERYONE! WE AS AMERICANS HAVE THESE RIGHTS FOR THIS VERY REASON! We've had soldiers by the tens of thousands die to protect these rights, don't just wave them or give them up without even knowing it!
We have the right to remain silent, THE RIGHT, to remain silent.... I plead with you to use it!

Until we see each other on the road again,

Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back,
The Man off your Ass
and by all means, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

Your friend,
Jack Shit

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  1. Great post Jack!! Wish my eyes & ears had been opened to these facts many years ago! The troubles & money it could have saved my family & friends! This WILL be shared. Thank you.