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Since I was just a kid all I have ever wanted to do was to make people laugh or just smile. As a child, an educator sent a note home to my parents. It read; If your son thinks he is going to get through life making people laugh he is in for a RUDE AWAKENING! He is not living up to his potential. WELL, I'M STILL NOT! But at this site you will at least see me try. From the heart, thank you for even being interested, it means the world to me. I always say, I have not a single fan but many a friend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One insane BMR moment!

FAR TOO EXHAUSTED AT THIS TIME TO WRITE. For those of you who have sent so many messages hoping I am having a good time or asking how was the BMR? Allow me to give you a taste of just one single moment in time. Picture this; the band is rocking, the weather gorgeous and the moonshine flowing like a river, what's left to do? Stage dive of course! Well when you use a cabin's front porch for the stage, it does not leave much in the way of space for fans to DIVE! So how do you fix that you ask? Easy folks, you don't jump from the stage of course, you jump from the roof of the cabin! Hell, it seemed to make sense at the time.

HERE IS ONE SINGLE BMR MOMENT CAUGHT IN TIME!!! So then, I guess we will be seeing you next year there? Yeah, thought so!

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  1. HAHAHA Didn't know you had a blog Jack Got on here and started reading and seen a video of lil ole me jumping off a roof in the middle of the woods. If you ever come to ATL again hit us up.