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Since I was just a kid all I have ever wanted to do was to make people laugh or just smile. As a child, an educator sent a note home to my parents. It read; If your son thinks he is going to get through life making people laugh he is in for a RUDE AWAKENING! He is not living up to his potential. WELL, I'M STILL NOT! But at this site you will at least see me try. From the heart, thank you for even being interested, it means the world to me. I always say, I have not a single fan but many a friend!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I AM OFFICIALLY THROWING DOWN THE BULLSHIT FLAG!  I have sat idly, my fingers still and away from the keyboard on the subject of government, the State of the Union, the politicians who ran away from their responsibility and this fucking fiasco that we just witnessed once again with "keeping the govt. running"!  I am so sick of all this self serving bullshit coming out of Washington that I can barely keep my mouth shut anymore, much less my fingers still on the keys!  I just can't do it anymore! 

I heard a collective sigh of relief tonight as the announcement came that "the government will stay open" like it is a Chuck E. Cheese with a bad location.  Then I watched as all these ego maniacs and "criminals", yes, I called them criminals, stood at the podium in the Senate and thanked each other on both sides of the aisle for working so hard to get this done!  TO GET WHAT DONE?  You should have passed a budget back in October, when you had control of all of the power in Washington and you couldn't even do that!  Now to listen to who's fault this is, I call BULLSHIT! I heard speeches about HOW HARD THEY WORKED and how BRUTAL it was at times.  Really, BRUTAL AT TIMES?  How about the soldiers and their families that for the last week lived in fear that they would be shot at and blown the fuck up and not get paid for it, how about them?   Do your God Damned Jobs!  You make promises that you know you will never be able to keep while you campaign and we are forced to decide not who is the best candidate but who is the lesser of two evils and that plain sucks.  I have never considered myself to be of any party, I think that there are good ideas and there are bad ones and they seem obvious to me and it was a miracle I got out of high school and these are supposed to be the smartest people we have? 

We send our finest assets, our youth to foreign lands to defend freedom that the people of those same foreign lands don't even want and kill our kids who are trying to get it for them!  Enough is enough.  We sit around and listen to our President apologize to the world for all the bad that America has done and yet every single time there is a problem in some fucking cesspool of a country, they call us!  We have become the local Police Department to the entire world and I am sick of it!  I understand the argument for being in Afghanistan, I know what is going on over there, I am well read!  I also understand that these very same people have been fighting a war since damn near the beginning of time, it's what they do.  They raise a goat, grow some opium and go to war, that is life there.  Let's be done with it all.  Pack up our soldiers, pack up our gear and send all the equipment and all our soldiers home!  People say then if we leave, Al Qaeda and the Taliban will get a stronghold, I say so what!  Here is my idea, perhaps it's crazy but at least it's close to home!

Shut down the TSA!  They are out of business, they suck at their job anyway!  Bring every single United States Soldier home, now!  If you are a soldier from Arkansas, then you will work security in Arkansas, whether at the airport, the capitol or any place else that has some minimum wage schlub who pays attention to nothing anyway!  Border patrol, don't need them anymore!  If you are a soldier and you live in Texas, guess what, you now serve inside our border and you face outward.  No one crosses illegally, no one!  You live in Florida you guard the shoreline.  You are in the Navy, you will no longer secure some sandbox in the desert, you will guard the coast of the USA.  Not one more US Marine will storm the shore of another country ever again unless we are attacked directly and then they will get to see the power of the most amazing military to ever step foot on a battlefield!  A well rested, well loved, fit and healthy military.  Every one goes home every day or if they are stationed in a big state, every week for a few days.  Allow our soldiers who have given up everything to defend freedom for people who don't want it, for longer than they ever imagined being away to hold on to their lives!  To not lose their homes, their jobs or their families!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 

At the time of writing this, I don't currently have the numbers of service men and women but I would take that number and divide it by number of miles around the perimeter of the continental United States and space them accordingly!  Our embassies around the world, sell the real estate, we don't need it anymore.  Take the money that we spend up keeping those MANSIONS around the globe and take that money and feed and clothe some homeless and hungry soldiers who have served this once great nation in the past, proudly!  For once, let us not worry about other people's quality of life, let us finally, once and for all, take care of our own!  We won't have to worry about the cost of war because we will be done with war!  If you have the audacity to attack this nation, then you will bear the full brunt of our military might and we can drop a bomb from a drone that will turn your sandbox in to a bright and shiny piece of colored glass and we can have two 18 year old kids do it while sitting in a leather chair from a non -descript strip mall in Nevada!

I say change the statue of liberty's arm to an outstretched arm with hand up in the air for the world to see and have her giving the finger!  Paint a big T'shirt on her that reads FUCK OFF, WE'RE FULL! 

I know you are thinking "uhm, wow"!  This is not normally what I "tune in to" Jack Shit's blog for.  I know, you come here to laugh and it is my sworn duty to make you laugh but every once in a great while, I just can't take it any longer!  I have to throw out the Bullshit flag.  Will it do anything?  Nope!  Not a damn thing!  Will anything I said ever be possible, NOPE!  Just remember this, 800,000 federal workers were deemed non essential today, if they didn't pass this Stop Gap measure, they would not have to come to work.  800,000 workers that are non essential!  If they are non essential, get rid of them, fuck man, we are paying for their non essential asses.  Remember, they said it, not me!  Never discuss politics or religion or you run the risk of pissing people off but sometimes you have to make some waves or the pond grows stagnant!  So if this pissed you off, sorry, but it is how I feel!  If you agree, then stand up and scream it, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  This was the final statement out of Washington today, "in the mean time, we will pass a short term resolution to keep the government running till Thursday"......  Till Thursday?  So come Wednesday, we get to go through all this again?  You can bet your ass we are going to go through this again!  I remember seeing in a movie once, someone asked a Congressman, "with all this going on here, how do you guys ever get anything done, WE DON'T, that's the beauty of the system".  Ahhh, what do I know?  This was just a middle of the night, angry American rant!  Read it, take something from it, or print it and wipe your ass with it.  One way or another, I had to get it off my chest, I am just plain sick of all the bullshit, from all sides!

JUST BRING THESE KIDS HOME AND BRING THEM HOME NOW!  THEY HAVE DONE ENOUGH ALREADY!  If you were elected to serve "we the people" then you best damn well do it or be voted the hell out!  PEOPLE, MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!  No longer allow Career Politicians, term limits must be put in place for all of our own good!


  1. Nice rant!! shit like that needs to be said.
    same kinda shit in the UK, too many good soldiers coming back in a box.....for what????
    Politics is all bullshit, I love your answert to it all, I`d raise the "Bullshit flag".
    keep up the good work man....

  2. thanks Tim, not really sure how this would be received. But I type it, spell check it and post it, no edits ever, first draft and post. Otherwise, I am censoring myself and even I won't have that! Thank you again for getting it!

  3. Rant, Blog whatever it was what we need to really hear and if people get pissed oh well... yes like you I don't like talking about Politics.
    Although when I have a young man over there that is like a son to me helped to raise him since he was a baby, on the front line his 2nd time there he is not getting paid because, of B/S politicians, and spending budgets. Well they shouldn't get paid either. These men and women have family's depending on that money once a month to get a email to say sorry honey no pay check this month. Please tell the children no extra food or ask the family to help. These are the people fighting for your freedom on the front lines in foreign,country.
    I have lost one close friend in box sent home, one severely wounded half his face blown off, for what, to help defend another country... it has been to long. Bring our men and women home

  4. I so agree with you Jack I swear you took the thoughts straight out of my head and put them in your mouth! Me, living in Maryland and so close to the liars and thieves, see this crap on the tv, hear it on the streets, in the bars, in the freakin grocery stores more then most of the country because politics is all that goes on here but OMG let it end already! Bring everyone home and let those countries who are fighting fight! Why should we care if they kill themselves? As you stated perfectly above... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  5. Couldnt have said it better myself!!! Jack Shit for President. This seems so reasonable & obvious...but will never happen.

  6. No Janet, it won't happen but like all the other posts here I think Jack took the thoughts right out of my head. I also vote for the least evil of any two candidates. I can't believe how fucked up our government has gotten. The only truth Obama has said was when he flubbed up and said he was Muslim. Otherwise all the rest has been lies. Corruption and political payback is more rappant and obvious now than at any time I can remember in the last 56 years. The TSA is along with the EPA and Energy Department the most worthless government agencies. These assholes were fighting over programs the Dems were trying to save and got down to 10 Billion difference. In our enormous budget that was like fighting over less than a penny. Dumbfucks all fo them.

  7. *standing with you

  8. Amen. Now just send this to Washington. Make it count.

  9. I don't have to send it to Washington, I am certain that the moment I clicked post, it went straight in to my FBI file! I guess I am now also considered a subversive! Oh well, I just want peace, prosperity and our God Damned Soldiers HOME!

  10. No... just consider yourself an American. I just think what you wrote is brilliant and the more WA reads/hears and sees everyone getting angry more, in writing, in e-mails, vocally, that hopefully our heros will come home and they will get their shit together sooner than later. We can only hope. Peace.