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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Million Miles Squire!

I have so much to share with you guys, my friends about my experiences during AZ Bike Week hosting the one and only Dirty Dogg Saloon but for now this will have to do.  By far, one of the highlights for me was when my friend, the one and only Million Miles Squire fought the crowds and battled his way up to the stage with some help from Biker Events Magazine online's Will.  It took a few seconds to even put together the face with who it was.  Squire currently is ranked number three in most miles ever ridden on a Harley Davidson.  He has logged more than one million miles and that is just absolutely mind blowing.  Not long ago, Squire was diagnosed with cancer and he is currently in the battle of his life and he is winning.  Wait, scratch that, right now, he is kicking it's fucking ass!  Squire is currently featured in Biker magazine and they tell just a tiny bit of his tale.  He is currently hangin out here in AZ and if you see him anywhere, believe me, it's cool to just go right up and say hello and let him know you are behind him in support with this war he's fighting!  This is one first class human being. 

In the next day, I will sit down, dig through some amazing shots and share with you folks who couldn't join us at the Dogg, a few tales of what you missed!  I have been forming a top three list in my head of the event, but that went to a top five, to a top ten, to a top 20, right up to a holy shit realization that there is no way to list what was the best part of the event because for myself, the entire event was amazing.  I just wanted to share with you all tonight a photo that I will cherish of a friend who is in the fight of his life and that didn't stop him from getting out there.  Don't let anything hold you back, get out and live your life like it's your last day, it just very well may be.

Your friend,

Jack Shit

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  1. Squire is the real deal,his stories are the best.

    Road Agents MC,Detroit