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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Boiling Mad

I sat down on the couch tonight to finally put my thoughts about my Laughlin River Run trip in to words and share some pics that I took.  Photos of friends that I had just made, friends that I had just finally gotten to meet, etc, but I don't think that is going to happen tonight!  The longer I sit here, the more angry I get!  These last two days should be days of great celebration in America and for a brief moment it began that way.  When I heard the news that the world's greatest piece of shit had been killed by the greatest soldiers on earth I had an overwhelming wave of feelings come over me.  I felt relief that this man could never again inspire hatred, relief that this man could never again plot or plan to hurt another human being again, relief that not one of our soldiers had been hurt or killed while putting their very lives on the line to take this scum bag out and relief that the hunt was over.  I felt joy in knowing that he would never take a breath of fresh air from a world that he poisoned.  I felt sadness as well.  I was sad for the families of the victims of 9/11.  Sad you ask?  Why?  I should feel happy for them that they will finally have some closure and for that I do.  What I feel sad for them about is that once again this tragedy has been brought to the forefront of their every thought and how they must be reliving the tragic events of that day and of those days that followed!  I understand that this is life as we now know it in a post 9/11 world and that is not really what has gotten me so very angry!

The first and most obvious thing to me and what took a little edge off of the joy that I felt in learning of Bin Laden's death was when I heard where this mother fucker was hiding!  He was not hiding in a cave in some area of the world that even God had forgotten, but in a million dollar home 3000 feet away from the equivalent of our West Point Military Academy for what could possibly be up to 6 years!  6 fucking years?  While we are giving hundreds of millions if not BILLIONS of dollars of not only mine and yours, but the tax dollars taken from the families of the victims themselves to pay this horrid country to hide this terrorist!  There is part of me that would not even for one single moment be shocked that we in fact in the end actually paid for the construction of the hideout itself!  I DO NOT CARE WHAT ANY ONE SAYS, I WILL NOT BELIEVE THAT THEY WERE NOT HIDING HIM!  There is a well known statement, Three can keep a secret if two are dead.  The truth will come out and when it does, Pakistan should be treated the same way we would treat any other nation that harbours terrorists!  The same rules apply!  But no!  We can't do that because we may hurt their feelings and they may not help us in our WAR ON TERROR.  Help us?  What the fuck have they done for us?  In my eyes they have proven just the opposite, that not only have they not helped us, but in fact they have hurt us!  I think of all the soldiers from America and other great nations who have joined in the fight and the hunt to find Bin Laden and who lost their lives or limbs and given up all they have back at home.  Some have lost everything and for what?  It was all a sham, a scam and a big fucking joke.  While this guy sat and drank his favorite drinks, COKE AND PEPSI, yes, it's a fact, in his million dollar home in Pakistan, our kids were dying and looking for him in Afghanistan based on the info we were getting from OUR DEAR FRIEND, Pakistan!  If it were up to me and when I say me, I mean we, WE THE PEOPLE, I would demand that all funding, all aid, all business, ALL EVERYTHING be stopped immediately to Pakistan!  It's over!  You have betrayed our trust and our generosity and you will no longer be rewarded for it, you are done!  Everyone will cry out, but they are a nuclear nation!  Well they are not a long range nuke nation, so make them well aware that if so much as one weapon is pointed at any of our interests or allies, they will be promptly wiped from the face of this earth.  I have said it before and I will say it again, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I could go on and on about that but I will stop because I am only getting crazier as I type this.  Let me tell you what else has taken away from the joy of having Bin Laden's lights put out.  All the drama that has come since his wonderful demise!  Even I will admit that the other night, while watching the President give his speech about the events that had happened only hours before, I was finally relieved to see this phony act "PRESIDENTIAL"!  I thought to myself and even said it aloud, "it's about damn time".  I could even in the moment understand him giving thanks to Pakistan.  Well that was until the truth began to rise to the surface.  The story that came out of the White House was a powerful one and a detailed one!  But now, the power has been lost and all the details seem to be changing.  Not even the White House can tell the same story twice about the details of the events that have taken place.  THE MOST TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!  Isn't that what we were promised?  So not only are we being lied to about all of the bad things going on here in America, we are now being lied to about the good things that we should be so happy about!  We are told that Bin Laden was not even a Muslim but someone who "hijacked" the  peaceful religion in a way to spread terror, so we should not judge or hold a grudge against Muslims.  Then we kill him and our sailors are forced to give him the "ULTIMATE MUSLIM FUNERAL SERVICE"!  They had to do it all right on down to the very last perfect detail.  This murderer was given a 45 minute funeral service that was translated in to Arabic on a U.S. Aircraft Carrier by American soldiers, many of whom joined the military only after the very attack that he was the master mind of!  So I ask, was he a Muslim or not?  From what our President has said over and over again in the past, he was not, yet our President ordered this service to be performed.  I don't know folks, something is rotten here.

Now the thing that has made me the most angry.  Once again, we can not get a straight answer from our leaders.  Do we show the photo of him dead or not?  We were told that when Saddam's sons were killed that their photos had to be shown for it is the only way that the Muslim world would accept that they were truly dead and that no mis information could be spread.  That is what was done and that was it.  His own people shot video of and aired his very own execution.  Yet we are told that if the photo is shown it would enrage the Muslim world.  Well, which is it?  They have to be shown the photo so that they remain calm on one hand but on another they can't be shown a photo because it will enrage them?  ONCE AGAIN, I CALL BULLSHIT!  Once again, our leaders are more worried about what people who hate us with a passion that will last three life times will think of us and don't care what it's own citizens want.  Then we are told that the photo is too disturbing and graphic for anyone to see.  Was it not graphic and disturbing to see our American soldiers dragged through the streets and murdered in Somalia or was it not too graphic when they beheaded Daniel Pearlman from the Wall Street Journal for trying to interview one of these evil fucks?  I guess it was not too graphic, disturbing or horrible for them to air repeatedly, over and over on television in the middle east right?  But we can't show one single still photo of THEIR GUY!  I am so sick and tired of our government  making decisions that will inevitably effect each and every single one of us, based on fear of what some one who is not a citizen of this country "may" think.  The key word there being "may" think, they are not even sure.  I am sick of Obama's apology tour!  I am sick and tired of him telling the world that he is sorry for all that we have ever done.  There are 190 countries in the world and we give money and or aid to 160 of them and you know what?  THEY STILL HATE US!  The Muslim world does not recognize sensitivity, what they recognize and respect is strength!  SO LET'S SHOW THEM STRENGTH!  Post the photo and show them that if you perform an act of terror against any citizen of this country THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!  Plain and simple, this will be your fate, no matter the time or the distance, you will pay the ultimate price.  I hear the argument that it is too much to see the photo.  That we can't handle it, it is just too graphic.  Yet our soldiers are forced to see this each and every single day in real life as their friends are blown to pieces while standing next to them!  Our kids play video games that are mind blowing and when the newest and the most gorey horror film comes out, people line up to get in to see it.  Yet once again, our government wants to treat us all as little children who are incapable of making adult decisions and therefore they must be made for us, for our own good!  I am sick of it!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The way I look at this whole photo debacle is this way.  Imagine if you would, the family of a victim of a crime.  The criminal is caught, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to death!  After all appeals are exhausted, the date is set for the execution.  Some of those victims or members of the victim's family will want to be present to witness the execution.  They will need it to have closure and they attend.  Other members or victims will find some comfort in knowing that the execution is taking place and they don't need to witness it!  The thing is though, they are given the choice.  They are allowed as adult, free people, to choose for themselves, what they feel is best for themselves!  To me, it is just that simple.  We are a free nation of free people and being able to make free decisions without government interference, to me is an inalienable right!  I don't need any person making decisions that are best for me, much less some group of career politicians who will make that decision not based on what is good for me, but inevitably, what will be good for them in the end!  I am sick of it, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  I could go on and on about each and every little detail of this entire situation but I won't.  I will however end it on this thought.

Not once, not one single solitary time has our President, not even on the anniversary of 9/11 gone and visited the world trade center, not one fucking time.  But now, coming up on an election, he is now going to place a wreath there and had the audacity to ask George Bush to take part in it!  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?  Does he think that we Americans are so stupid that we do not see this for what it is?  He is turning both a horrible tragedy and cause for great celebration in to a political sham!  Now all of a sudden he is going to appear at the World Trade Center and is NOW FINALLY going to meet with the families of the victims.  Well not exactly... the details of who will be allowed in to "meet with him" have yet to be released but I can bet you this; there will be not one member of a victim's family who opposed the building of the Mosque at ground zero.  There will not be one member of a family allowed there who is on "one of his lists" to attend the "meeting".  I am willing to bet damn near anything on this!  We as a nation have cause to both mourn and celebrate at the very same time.  Let's not make this about politics!  Please, I beg, don't use these victims and their families like pawns in your next campaign!  If you cared so much about them and the events of 9/11, why then have you refused for 2.5 years to even so much as meet with any of them much less visit the site of ground zero?  Someone answer that for me please? 

I'm sorry, I am sure this wasn't entertaining, but I needed to vent it somewhere and maybe open up some closed eyes or minds.

Until we see each other on the road,

Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back
and The Man off your ass!

Your friend,
Jack Shit


  1. Let me first say that I agree with everything that I read that you said, I didn't read it a be cause of my meds and I wanted to respond.

    As bad as UBL was he's not even the pimple on the ass of these bastards. The onlycapacity that we have to make a difference with them is to kill them. They hade the fact that we tell me how are you or anybody else going to negotiate with them...not that I want to.

    The only solution to all of this from my point of view is...Pull ALL of our troops out...tell all these rag headed SOB's this is the dealfight among yourself if you must, but if it touches or affects a non muslem stat or people it's game on, and it won't be like we just went through you land will be reduced to glass and every last one of you will die.

    I tired of dancing with these people. But to do this we need a pres. that's got some balls. Hell we almost killed off the Indian Nation so why not them.

  2. Hell Yeah Jack!!! with you 100% man!! FUCK THEM ALL!!! they hate us - PERIOD! NEVER gonna change - let's stop giving them aid and start kicking anyone's ass that wants to fuck with us - I mean really kick their ass in the ugliest way we can - it's the ony way they'll respect us - anyways - ROCK ON man -
    glad to hear bout your wife and her shots -
    take care -
    Jay @ Hijinx

  3. Hell Yeah Jack! You are just voicing what many of us 'silent majority' think. It's time we all follow your lead and let our voices be heard. We are Americans and damn proud of it! We will not apologize for being American, for being free, or for killing anyone's sorry ass who decides to try to take away our freedom. And if any country doesn't like us, take the money that we have been giving them and give it to all the vets who give so much to protect this great country.