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Since I was just a kid all I have ever wanted to do was to make people laugh or just smile. As a child, an educator sent a note home to my parents. It read; If your son thinks he is going to get through life making people laugh he is in for a RUDE AWAKENING! He is not living up to his potential. WELL, I'M STILL NOT! But at this site you will at least see me try. From the heart, thank you for even being interested, it means the world to me. I always say, I have not a single fan but many a friend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Laughlin River Run

Hey you crazy bastards.....  you will have to find something else for the next few days to keep you, happy, smiling, angry, shocked, appalled and or disgusted.  I am heading to the Laughlin River Run.  I am, for the very first time in my riding life and that's a long time folks, attending a motorcycle rally, without a motorcycle.  It will be a new experience for me.

People asked how they would know where to find me at such a big event.  I told them it would be easy and to just look for the guy with the frown on his face.  Everyone wears those shirts, NICE TRAILER PUSSY, at least I don't fit in to that crowd!  I won't even have a damn bike!  What can I say?  I ran out of time and apparently, Motorcycle Titles have an amazing ability to leap out of envelopes, open desk cabinet doors and float right on out of houses.  WHAT WILL THEY COME UP WITH NEXT? 

So I am off for a few days.  You folks have a great time without me around.

Let me say this though, before I go, MY HEART BLEEDS AND IS BREAKING for everyone who has been hurt or killed or has had all of their belongings wiped from the face of the earth by these insane tornadoes, one after the other.  I don't often preach or speak of praying, but tonight, when I get where I am going and am about to drift off to sleep, I am adding all of you on to my HEY GOD, GIVE THESE PEOPLE A BREAK PLEASE, prayer list!  You guys all hang in there, you are in our hearts and prayers!

Till I see you on the road again, (I'll be passing you in a fucking truck),
Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back
and The Man off your ass!

Your friend,
Jack Shit

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  1. You can take the bike off a man, but you cant take the bike out of THE man............Have a GREAT weekend :)