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Since I was just a kid all I have ever wanted to do was to make people laugh or just smile. As a child, an educator sent a note home to my parents. It read; If your son thinks he is going to get through life making people laugh he is in for a RUDE AWAKENING! He is not living up to his potential. WELL, I'M STILL NOT! But at this site you will at least see me try. From the heart, thank you for even being interested, it means the world to me. I always say, I have not a single fan but many a friend!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Well that was a first for me and I like it!

So last year, as many of you fine folks know, I got to go to my first BMR and while down there I got to meet this good ol' boy named Jeremy, all thanks to our mutual good ol' boy friend Mailman.  It was like a good ol' boy festival down there.  When I first met him, I could sense a bit of apprehension from him about me, after all, I am a Yankee.  I was once taken aside while down in Georgia by yet another good ol' boy who explained to me that I was a Yankee and that there are three kinds of Yankees.  There are Yankees, no good Yankees and NO GOOD GOD DAMNED YANKEES!  I respect a guy who doesn't just blindly like or trust someone because another friend brought them around.  We all know that weeds grow in between the cracks and sometimes those weeds, if not dealt with right away are really difficult to pull and they keep coming back.  You pretty much need to spray them with like Napalm or something to keep them away forever and you guys know they don't sell Napalm at the Home Depot!  Anyway, it took a bit of time, but eventually we hit it off.  From then on, we would cross paths at a rally or online and without fail, this maniac would just make me laugh.  They say that sales people are the hardest to sell and by that theory, comedians are the hardest to make laugh.  This guy, MAKES ME LAUGH!

So I often see him post up links on face book about a radio show that he does.  Times have changed and I didn't realize that it is what I guess you would call an internet radio show?  I'm still not sure if that is what it is called.  Here I thought, damn, if I lived in Georgia, I could hear this damn thing.  Today, the universe aligned and I just happen to be online when he posted up the link.  I clicked on it and realized that I didn't have to be in Georgia to hear.  Oh hell, I'll check it out, it's something new for me.  It took me a few minutes to navigate around the page and figure out how the hell to turn it on, the show was already under way.  I can't tell you what they normally do or what the format for the show is, but I can tell you that it is really funny and more importantly, IT IS REALLY HONEST!  You all know how I feel about that right?  Shit, there should not have even been a question mark at the end of that last sentence! 

While listening to the show, I could not help but think that this was obviously a bike related show, that goes without saying but it was more like sitting by the fire at a run after a day of riding, drink in hand and story telling.  With the show being on the net, you can send them messages, call in and it is all live.  The more that I listened, the more I liked it!  The show was not what I thought, it was not about the proper gap for a spark plug, but I'm sure if you call them and ask, they will tell ya, but it was about current shit in our lives.  The MurderSickle life that we all love so much!  The topics current and although serious, it was non stop laughter.  The host laughing at us and himself and that my friends is the formula for greatness!  If you can't laugh at yourself, you are in the wrong business!  In just the brief time that I was able to catch the show, quite a few people in the industry were both on the phone and hammering away on the keys leaving comments in real time.  It was the first that I've ever experienced anything like this!  I really dug it.  At the end of the show, I got to call in and say something that I've always wanted to say....  are you ready to hear it?  Okay, here it goes......  I thought my head was going to explode as I awaited the chance to use these very words......  "Long time listener, first time caller"!  I hear that on every damn show and always wanted to say it and I finally got to.  I did add the disclaimer that it was not true that it was the first time that I heard the show, yeah, right back to that honest thing again!  I am going to call in again next week and have a bit of fun with these fine southern folk!  So if you get a chance, you have got to check these guys out, trust me, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!  Just remember in a few years, when you are still listening, that your friend, your pal, Jack Shit turned you on to Garage Seventy One!  So click on this link that I'm going to post and do yourself a favor and check this shit out!

Garage Seventy One

I can't get over it.  I am blown away with the entire concept of this shit now!  A few friends have already forwarded me links to other shows that are their favorites.  If you have some, send them my way.  I don't even know where to begin to look for this shit!  So check out the station or the show, hell, I'm not even sure what to call it, just go ahead and do it, you will love it as much as I do!  For many of you who are stuck in the middle of ice cold and snowy winter, it is a great way to feel the warmth of riding again and have the crackle of the campfire play in your head as you listen.

Until we see each other on the road again,

Keep the wind in your face,

and The Man off your ASS!

Your Friend,
Jack Shit

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  1. It was fun typing shit back and forth during the show. I just started listening last week so I was only slightly ahead of you. Jeremy and Eric (Timebomb from the BDAC crew) along with Rev. Andy do a great job of being relevant AND involving the audience as much as they can. I'll be tuning in next week to hear what ya have to say.