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Thursday, September 15, 2011

If only there were more like this young man!

As you guys know, if anything ever changes in one of my posts from its original form, I let you know immediately.  In the case of this post, I have a correction, you will read that I wrote this Marine was shot, when in fact his injuries were sustained from shrapnel.  This story needs to be told and it needs to be told accurately, I appologize for getting that wrong!

At 21 years old, this amazing young man, United States Marine, was stationed in Afghanistan.  While on his way with a unit of Marines and Afghan fighters to meet with "village elders or leaders" or whatever the hell they call them over there, for a pre dawn meeting.  For us, the average citizen we don't know if these soldiers were set up by those very villagers they were going to help or not and perhaps we never will know.  But the fact is that they were set up and ambushed in a tight valley.  They were going in to help rebuild a Mosque and more than 60 people were hidden on the trail that they were traveling.  The Taliban fighters and for the record, FUCK THE TALIBAN, pinned them down by firing machine guns, mortars and RPG's at them.  This Marine's name is Dakota Meyer and when he stated that he wanted to go in and help the 40 mixed soldiers that were pinned down.  I believe the number was 17 Marines and 23 Afghan fighters.  He was ordered NOT TO!  Now you guys know that an order is an order and along with another Marine, they ignored that order.  This BAD ASS MARINE along with his brother, jumped in to a humvee and he took control of the 50 cal turret and they went straight on in to the fight where his brothers were pinned down!  He had virtually no support, he went in and one by one by one took each of these men, his fellow soldiers to safety.  He repeated this OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  He asked permission 4 times and it was denied!  Thank God he ignored those direct orders!  He made the first three trips in to the kill zone with just the driver of that gun truck!  It was only on the 4th and 5th trip in to the kill zone that other soldiers finally joined him!  He fired that 50 cal. until it no longer fired and then returned point blank fire with his rifle with enemy fighters who ran right up to the humvee.  The entire village rained fire on this unit from fortified positions and this Marine was exposed from his chest up.  I'm not sure on which trip in to the kill zone it was that Dakota was shot but I know it was not on the last!  On the 5th trip, when he finally made it to what was once the front of the line where the 4 Marines were leading the way.  These Marines had been killed in action!  In his trips in prior, he loaded up the Afghan fighters in to the humvee and they drove them out.  HE CARRIED THE MARINES OUT HIMSELF!  There are a great many details of this truly amazing story that I am leaving out because I don't want to describe them wrong but what I have just told you is dead on accurate!  This is truly one of the most amazing stories of heroism that I have ever heard!  GOD BLESS THE AMERICAN SOLDIER!  In his own words "it wasn't if we were going to die, but when"!

This young man denies claims that he is a hero!  Of the 40 soldiers that were pinned down, they were able to rescue and save the lives of 36 of them!  36 of them!  The reason he denies the claim of his heroism is partly because he didn't to it to be a hero, he did it to save his brothers and in his own words, "I'm not a hero, four Marines didn't make it back, I wasn't able to save them"!  I believe that was the quote, perhaps I may have misquoted but I'm damn sure it was, if not, it is pretty damn close to it!  THIS QUOTE HOWEVER IS DEAD ON ACCURATE, "WE ARE GOING IN TO GET THEM OR WE ARE GOING TO DIE TRYING"!  This 21 year old man, fresh from being a boy, saved the lives of 36 soldiers who were pinned down and no telling if his actions may have saved the lives of the entire unit!  On the other side of this story, what makes his actions even more incredible, an investigation had to begin because others refused to help!  They refused!  Nobody else would go in and help him until the fourth trip

The reason that America is the greatest fighting force on earth is because of men like this, because of men and women who give up everything back home and volunteer, unlike any other country on earth and go and defend freedom around the world and defend our way of life and the lives of people who don't even appreciate the sacrifice that these men and women make!

Today, this amazing United States Marine was awarded the  CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR!  He is the only LIVING  Marine since Viet -Nam to receive this medal!  If only there were more people back here in America and around the world for that matter, that lived by this, L, L, H, & R., that this Marine lives his life by!  Just imagine if our country, hell, the world, was once again populated by people who put others first.  Imagine if we were no longer a  people who fight amongst ourselves because someone may believe in God and they do not, or have pure hatred for each other for no reason other than the political party that they belong to or the religious sect that differs from theirs!  I know that perhaps the time for loom-by-yah moments are long since gone and they are dead but it is a nice wish to have that all of this bullshit happening in these times we are living in would just end!  Get back to everyone just living their lives and being decent human beings.  No more judgemental assholes that start shit and then draw others unwillingly in to it!  I don't pray for much and I never pray for anything for myself because that would make me a hypocrite!  I do however pray that never again will another soldier die fighting for an other's personal gain.  I pray that every single soldier, EVERYWHERE, gets to go home to their lives and to the ones that they love, safe and sound.  I have never in my life had the opportunity to serve in the military, but I truly do understand brotherhood, I understand the bonds that are formed when you have to walk in to a battle that you may not return from, I understand LOVE, LOYALTY, HONOR and RESPECT!  This United States Marine is the epitome- of each of those words, perhaps one of the finest examples of it that I have ever had the privilege to see!  What makes Cpl. Dakota Meyer even more amazing is that he is so very humble!  He deserves nothing but great things in his life and I truly hope that he gets all that he deserves.  A great many around the world forget about the battles that these young men and women face each and every day that they serve and worse yet, the battle within themselves that they must live with forever if they are lucky enough to return!  FORGET THE WAR, NEVER THE WARRIOR!  I pray that more people on this planet would act in the way that Dakota Meyer acted on that horrific day and I am sure that he acts in this manner in one way or another each day!

I have readers of this blog now in 89 countries and I am grateful for that.  I understand that you too, each have your own heroes and I respect them as well!  Remember that honor is not exclusive to the military!  We can each live our lives this way!  I am just glad that we are able to write about these heroes, to read about these acts of heroism because there are people out there around the world who become heroes while we get to sit on our asses and hear about them!  I pray that war will end an not one more person ever needs to die because of one.  I know that prayer is probably futile, but that is what we pray for, the impossible isn't it?

Since 1861, 3400 Medals of Honor have been awarded!  These soldiers never committed the acts that earned these medals because they might win one, they acted in the way they did because simply, IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!  It is never the wrong time, to do the right thing!  Stand up people, it is time that each and every single one of us, DO THE RIGHT THING!

In the chance that Dakota Meyer ever reads this, or hears about this post, I want to say this, TODAY, YOU HAVE MADE ME INCREDIBLY PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!  Today you have humbled me once again.  Today, you made every American humble and proud!  GOD BLESS OUR SOLDIERS, each and every single one of them!

Until we see each other again on the road,

Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back,
and The Man off your ass!

Your friend,
Jack Shit

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  1. Thank you for posting this up! Not a day goes by that I don't think of my deployed Marine brothers.