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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

C'mon Red Rocket!

I have learned over the last decade that rather than fear change, welcome it!  Change can be good!  So it is time for a change.  It is time to let my Red Rocket go and allow it to move on to another home where it will be loved like we loved it.  My Red Rocket is bad ass... well, here, let me show it to you.  You can click on any picture in my blogs and they will blow up to full size.  In this case the pics are high res. so they should open up real big with lots of detail.
We have had some incredible road trips in this car and made some unforgettable memories in it as well.  The Red Rocket is a 2007 Volkswagen GTI.  This was the first year that the car became available in a 4 door body style.  It is identical in body dimensions but rather than have those really extra long doors that the Golfs and GTI's are known for, they just shortened the front doors and added a set of rear doors behind them.  This is not a two seater that they just threw in some tiny make shift rear seat and called it a four seater, the rear seats and leg room will blow you away.  You can have 6 foot guys in the back and not have to move the front seats forward.  The rear seats also incorporate a drop down arm rest that also opens fully so that you can put a few sets of skis in from the rear hatch.  Not only is this car SICK to drive, it is shockingly luxurious and comfortable but what else would you expect from a German car? 

It was a really sunny day when I shot these pics so the color of the leather is a bit more rich than it appears here.  Oh yes, I said LEATHER!  This car has every single option that was available and then some.  It's a full leather seating package, adjustable lumbar support, Sun/Moon roof with shade, kick ass stereo with 6 Cd changer and Sirius/Xm Satellite radio, all the necessary gauges that light up the most awesome blue, full adjustable steering wheel, computer, cruise and stereo controls built right in to the leather wrapped , flat bottomed, steering wheel, center console and air conditioned glove compartment.  Yes, I said AIR CONDITIONED Glove compartment!  The car features a 6 speed manual gear box and the pedals are set up like a race car.  It also has integrated "HOLY SHIT HANDLES" as I call them to the left and right side of seating positions.

The seats are not only leather and heated but they are like race car seats, when you sit in them, the literally hug and squeeze you and hold you in place and believe me you will need them to do just that when you really DRIVE  this car!  It handles like no car that I have ever driven in my life.  The car truly is a rocket ship.  It feels like you are on a roller coaster that runs on rails.  You can turn off the traction control and the car hooks up coming off the line like nothing else.  In the past, I've owned Corvettes, Mustang GT's, Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, Mitsubishi 3000GT's amongst other sports cars and this car is hands down the baddest thing I've ever driven as far as THE TOTAL PACKAGE GOES!  It really is a well thought out car right down to the auxiliary 12 volt power supply in the rear hatch.  We have a cooler/warmer that plugs in to the cigarette type power supply and we put it in the hatch back for road trips.  We've never had a "family" type car, only "fast as fuck" cars.  Along with those cars though, we've always had vehicles that Diane used to take clients out in.  When we went shopping for cars we had stopped in to look at a diesel Jetta and when we found this car we could not believe it.  It feels like you are in a huge sedan between the head and leg room in the back and the storage and ability to bring a bunch of luggage with us in the hatch back but once you are in that front seat it is quite honestly just like driving a race car! 

Oh yeah, did I mention that the car also has custom 20" wheels on it?  No, I didn't think so.  Well it sure as shit does and they are sweet.  I'm not really the "big wheel, fancy" type guy but they worked so beautifully on this car we could not resist.  Check them out!
So that is about it, the car is for sale and although we don't really care who buys it, we would love to see someone that we know and care about get it!  It's been well loved and well maintained over the last 4 years but it is time for a change and like I said, change can be good!  We are asking $15,000 for our RED ROCKET and that is less than it books out at!  I think it has 78k miles on it, the tires are still good and it probably still has 15oo miles left before you ever even need an oil change which by the way has never had anything less than Mobil 1 synthetic in it and for that matter, the car has never even had a gallon of gas in it that was not premium!   So if you are interested please don't hesitate to reach out to me.  If you know anyone that may be interested, please share this with them.  I will wait a few days before I list it for sale locally just in case one of you want to buy it.  Each time we take people out in it, or we loan it to house guests or friends they always say, "if you ever sell this fucking car, you better tell me first", so that my friends is what I am doing, I AM TELLING YOU FIRST!  Don't come back later and say "oh man, you suck, you said you would tell me before you sold it"!  So here is your chance to own one hellified sick ass car!  The GTI owners are really a very passionate group of people.  For GTI owners, there is no other car, much like Corvette, Jeep and Harley owners are loyal and passionate about the vehicles they drive.  Typically the more serious GTI owners will modify the suspension which makes it handle even more incredibly, open up the back end of the turbo which gives it a few more foot lbs of torque and a few more horses and here is the crazy part, it makes the gas mileage go up!  They also add cold air induction or fresh air induction whatever you guys call it, to each his own and that adds a few foot lbs of torque and a few more horses and yes, even better gas mileage!  This is the only car I've seen where the more performance mods you make, the higher your gas mileage goes up, it's crazy!  Depending on your driving style, the car averages between 25 and 31 mpg.  I have gotten as high as 33 mpg while running on the freeway on a road trip and that was running at like 85 mph with the cruise on!  It really is amazing my RED ROCKET so why don't you put your hands on it?  So as the title of this post says, C'MON RED ROCKET!!!!

Until we see each other on the road again,

Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back
and The Man off your ass
and buy my damn car so I can buy a damn panhead!

Your friend,
Jack Shit

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  1. Go Red Rocket! Go! When you sell the Red think about the Audi A8 Electric that my son is building.. Phone to invest or get on the short list.