It's been a good ride so far!

Since I was just a kid all I have ever wanted to do was to make people laugh or just smile. As a child, an educator sent a note home to my parents. It read; If your son thinks he is going to get through life making people laugh he is in for a RUDE AWAKENING! He is not living up to his potential. WELL, I'M STILL NOT! But at this site you will at least see me try. From the heart, thank you for even being interested, it means the world to me. I always say, I have not a single fan but many a friend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's a Good Life

The look on our faces tell the tale of our recent post Sturgis Rally trip to California.  Nothing on earth makes me more happy than to see my beloved Mrs. Shit smile like this!  I also have to admit that I am stunned that this friggin blog allowed me to actually post a photo.  Then again, I've yet to try and publish it, so I guess we are going to have to wait until I hit the button to find out what happens.  As many of you who follow this blog and those who just click on the links I post to it have realized, your pal Jack Shit has not posted shit in a long ass time.  I was debating in my mind the thought of killing this blog and starting another or paying up the extortion money that google wants for me to keep it going.  Now don't get me wrong, it is not the amount of money, as I found out from a friend yesterday, it is not a lot of money but it is the principal of the whole thing that I've had to wrap my mind around.  It is like the old drug dealer saying, They Get Ya On The Comeback!  Once you are hooked, that free taste, that first toke or bump if you will is gone and now they've got you!  Now I'm chasing google around, calling it at 4 am and I'm about to go withdraw some funds from the ATM in the middle of the night to get my fix!  Looks like I will be paying up as I am getting tired of the "HEY ASSHOLE, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WRITE SOMETHING AGAIN" messages that I've been receiving.  Your point has been well taken!  I do have an awful lot to tell ya too!

Before I get in to any of the shit that has been going on in our lives, I wanted to share something amazing with you.  I'm sorry that I've been out of the loop and could not tell you about this sooner but here ya go.  Click on this link, well, that should have been a link, if it is not, just copy and paste it in to your browser.  The first thing you will see is the ad for $69 camping for Sturgis 2013.  That is just an insane deal.  $69 for two weeks of camping in Sturgis at the cleanest, most beautiful campground in all of Sturgis is unheard of.  The response has been so overwhelming that it was held over from August 31st until midnight Thursday, then the prices go up and the deal is gone.  You don't want to miss it.  As a friend of mine said tonight, "for that price, even if you are not sure if you are going, it is worth taking the chance and if you don't make it, you've lost shit but if you do, you saved at least $100!  I agree with him!

I'm very happy to announce that for the last month or so, Diane's shots have gone incredibly well and there was even one post shot day that she had so little reaction that when she awoke the next day, her first thoughts when she realized how good she felt was " Oh my God, I forgot to do my shot"!  This has been such a blessing I can't even describe how happy this makes me.

Two weeks ago, we took our post Sturgis ride out to California and we had an ear to ear smile causing good time.  We rode out at 6 am along with our friend Chicago Mike who rode 413 miles out with us, ate lunch, said goodbye and rode the same distance back to Phoenix across the Mohave Desert.  I'm sure there are a few of you saying, well hell, 826 miles in one day, I've done that, what is the big deal?  Well until you have tried pulling off a feat like this in August, you will never know how big a deal it really is.  We rode back across the Mohave for the first time during the day on our trip home and it was pure evil!  On our way back I realized that neither Diane nor myself had ever been to Palm Springs and since we had the time and we were in-fact together, what better time to go.  WHAT AN ASSHOLE MOVE THIS WAS!  The temp on the freeway was just around 100 or so.  Once you pull off the freeway the universe knows it has you and throws the furnace on high.  Almost immediately it was 109 and almost as quickly, under the blazing sun, we found ourselves sitting in traffic as they laid fresh, hot asphalt down on the road!  After having lunch, Diane was coaxed in to a store by a guy standing on the sidewalk saying "much cooler inside".  It was a good move because the place had great clothes and I was more or less penalized for my decision to take this "sidetrip" and I coughed up the cash and let her just buy whatever she wanted.  Luckily for me, she took it easy!  I'd like to think she did it out of love and compassion but I also realize that there was no room left in the saddle bags so she could not empty the joint!  I't believe that so far so good and this thing is actually letting me post pics so I will try to add another now.
Damn, it allowed me to add another, perhaps my luck has turned!  This is what it looks like about halfway across the Mohave at 110 degrees!  No Diane is not throwing up, she swore that the air inside her bag was cooler than the outside air and was trying to take some of it in!  Even as broke down and beat up as she was, when she lifted her head up after I captured this photo, she had an ear to ear smile!  Right before we left and I do mean moments before we rode out of the driveway, something in my neck popped and I felt it shoot all the way down to the middle of my back along my shoulder blade.  By the time we got to our gracious host's home, the one and only Chopper Doll, I had a baseball sized lump in my back.  Diane was kind enough to rub our new roll on icy hot all over my back.  It felt so good that I had her keep going and going and I quickly fell off to sleep from the relief.  Chopper Doll thought she would give me the ultimate hook up and fired up the hot tub.  Here is a life lesson for ya, DON'T GO IN THE HOT TUB WHEN YOU ARE COVERED IN ICY HOT!  I now know what Creme' Brulee feels like.  Well at least the top part that they finish off with the blow torch!   I'm not sure if I'm going to run the story about the trip in Cycle Source Magazine yet so I'll have to leave it at this point until I know more.  Also, along the lines of the mag, look forward to my story on the 72nd annual Sturgis Rally in the next issue of the mag.  So for now, I'll hold off on sharing the details of that trip as well.

It's been nice to have a few weeks off after Sturgis as I was exhausted and have never worked so hard at a rally before in my life.  I can say this though, for all of you who came to the Broken Spoke and camped or for those of you who just came out to party with us, I want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you!  Although I've never worked harder, I've never had such an amazing time at work!

The only regret I have from Sturgis was simply that I could not spend the time that I would have liked to with the friends who showed up to party and support me.  It seemed that everyone understood that I was working my ass off, but I would like to formally apologize for that now!  I am going to have to learn to find some happy medium and figure out a way to divide my time up a bit better!  This seems to be the story for each rally now, I will get this figured out one day!

As far as the summer goes in AZ, well it seems that we've had a lot more dust storms than I remember from the previous years.  Of course, if you follow the videos that I post, these storms only hit right after I clean up the back yard or vacuum the pool!  I use to think that Mother Nature had a great sense of humor and I'm now drawing the conclusion that she is just plain mean! 

I could go on and on with what's been going on in our lives and what is coming up for us, but for now, I just wanted to post up, let you know that we are well, thank you for all the messages and keeping Diane in your prayers, it means the world to us.  So for now, I'll just leave it at this!

Until we see each other on the road again,

Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back
and The Man off your ASS!

Your friend,
Jack Shit

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  1. Hey Jack...great to see you're finally posting again!!! It was great to see you at the Spoke for our short visit and too bad you were working so hard that we didn't get more time to time brother!!!

    Best to Diane and keep this shit coming!!!

    Adios for now,
    Your Canuck Pal