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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An absolutely incredible sight!

There are some things in life that one will never forget.  Memories so powerful that whether you like them or not, they are with you till the grave.  These memories are both a curse and a blessing, both the good and the bad.  11 years ago today, I awoke to Diane screaming from downstairs at my home in New Jersey.  I had fallen asleep the night before on the couch and the horror in her voice had me jump up in an instant.  "Turn the tv on, turn the tv on, Jack, turn the fucking news on"!  For the life of me, I can't even remember how long we sat in front of that television staring in shock.  This was the second time that we had sat in front of a tv witnessing the damage from the WTC being bombed!  Many of you know, some may not but I'm an Irishman and my family has a long standing history of having the only jobs that The Irish could get back in those days, they all became cops and fireman.  To this day, nearly everyone in my family is one of the two. 

I've long repeated that Americans have short term memories!  When it is out of sight, it is sadly out of mind.  With 11 years having now passed since the horrific events of that spectacular September morning, many don't even think of that day any longer.  For some folks, they re-live the events of this day, each and every single day.  They say that time heals all wounds, but I've yet to see proof of that.  I truly believe that time lessens the pain from those wounds, but I'm not really sure those wounds ever heal entirely.  I pray that for many they will!  I can understand that the people who lived on the west coast or in the mid west since 9/11 have these visions slip from their minds but for those of us who were witness to the events, those of us who lived there and those of us who lost friends, colleagues, family or co-workers, these wounds are still deep.

One of the very first places that I ever went to an event in Arizona was a place called Tempe Town Lake in Tempe, Arizona.  It is an amazing park with beautiful views of the mountains and the lake.  Last year at this time I had driven past the park on the freeway and remember glancing over and seeing the memorial and to say that I was blown away would be an understatement.  This is a tremendously painful memory for me to recall and even on my last trip to NYC, I found it difficult to even look at the World Trade Center site.  Nearly 9 months ago I was invited to the event that would take place on this anniversary and I agreed to go.  I had forgotten all about the memorial at the lake until I saw the event commented on by a friend who wrote, rain or shine, I will be on my bike at 4:30 am riding to the meeting place for the ride.  I made the decision right then and there that under no circumstance would I be kept away this year.  Last night the Valley of the Sun was hammered with a monsoon storm.  I swear the rain drops looked to be between the size of quarters and silver dollars at times.  Along with the rain came a spectacular light show and with that house shaking thunder!  So as I laid in bed trying to get some rest so that I could ride, my two dogs who we got to protect and love us, were literally laying on top of my chest and my head.  If they could have climbed inside of me I'm sure they would have.  This went on until the last time that I looked at the time on the cable guide, 2:45 am.  I know that I laid there for some time before I finally fell asleep.  Shortly after that, the alarm went off and it was time to wake.  Sleep time?  A little more than an hour!  We rode side by side over to the lake and it was still pitch black out.  You could make out many of the flags because of all the lights that the television crews had put up, but it was not until daybreak came that the sheer massive display could be viewed. 

I realized in that moment that in my rush to make the meet time, on time, I had left my camera on the kitchen counter.  Luckily I had my Go Pro in the saddle bag, I turned it on, pointed it at the field and heard "beep beep beep", yeup, the battery was dead!  Luckily, my droid shoots a decent video and I felt that I had to at least try to capture the "feel" of this somber day.  There was no way to get any more than a 1/3 of the flags in any one still photo and as more and more day light shone the sight became more and more overwhelming.  Shortly after I shot the video, I had the honor of reading off some of the victims names from the stage during the memorial.  I was more scared to get up and speak than I have ever been before.  I was afraid to screw up a name, get too choked up to speak, have my voice crack or just plain lose it up there and by the grace of God, I did not, well, not too bad.  For the rest of my life, I will never, ever forget the honor that was bestowed upon me today by allowing me to even say those victims names aloud!  After the ceremony was over I felt it quite difficult to even leave the park.  I just walked around, read some of the names on the flags and took a few still shots.  Perhaps having this amazing memory of an anniversary of 9/11 will ease the sadness that has come with each anniversary that has come before it.  Maybe time can heal each of our wounds from this day.

I captured this video this morning and I could still not get all of the near 3000 American Flags in it.  Just click on this link here and share in one of the most beautiful, patriotic sights that I've ever experienced in my life.  Here is the link The Healing Field.  I thought that I would post it because so many could not make it there this morning, so many live so far away and for people like myself for whom this day holds very powerful memories.  I hope this short video lets you feel the love and respect of this display.  Well the love and respect that is until it began to rain and people got up and left.  I began to boil inside thinking "3000 people died that day, many gave their lives trying to save others and you can't sit out in the rain for a few minutes to honor them"?  I'm sorry to even bring it up but I have to be honest, as you all know damn well I always am, this infuriated me!

For all of those who lost their lives that infamous day, for all of those who have given their life in the wars since that day and for all of you who re-live the events of that day when you close your eyes or go to sleep, God bless you and I pray that your pain eases with each day that passes.

Until we see each other on the road again,

Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back
and The Man off your ASS!

Your friend,
Jack Shit

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