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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This makes me want to smash my fingers with a hammer!


RIGHT NOW...........  RIGHT FUCKING NOW........  Our great country or should I say our once great country is borrowing 4 Billion Dollars per day.... yes, 2 million dollars per MINUTE.  That is not a misprint, 2 million dollars per minute from CHINA!

We have let our politicians run wild for far too long.  It does not matter which side of the aisle you are on, what you believe or where you stand.  THIS IS A DISGRACE!  I knew things were awful, I knew we were borrowing money like "your junkie friend", but until you see what the number actually is, you realize this is madness!

But just to show how screwed up these folks are, who spend our money like drunken sailors in port, no only are we borrowing this money from China, but we then give them BILLIONS of dollars in aid...  are we not just giving them their own money, but we are paying them interest to give them back their own money... and what the hell does China need our aid for?  Folks, I just shake my head, is there an answer, will there be a fix, can there be a fix?  I don't honestly know. 

The truly horrifying part is that although this sounds like madness or I sound like a maniac, are we heading towards the USA becoming a third world country?  Don't laugh.... 

Think about this.... really, take a moment and think about this.  China is a Communist country.  We are fighting around the world and giving up a nations greatest resource, its youth to help bring freedom to those who do not have it.  In order to be able to pay the tab for these wars, we have had to borrow it from people who offer their own citizens, NO FREEDOM!  WTF?  So now, we all see the TV shows, the movies or some have lived it and grown up around the not so scrupulous, "local money lender", the "loan shark" the "mobster" down the street.  Does anyone remember what happens when you get behind on payments?  What happens when you default on paying back the money you owe to those guys?  Either the lender himself or his crew pays you a visit, busts you up a bit to scare you in to paying and then they leave.  If you really get behind, they wipe out the debt by wiping you off the face of the earth.  Sometimes, the debtor is so scared they get a gun and shoot one of the "collectors" and then they are truly doomed.  This is how I look at this money borrowing from China.  China is the local Mob guy down the street.  One day soon, we will not be able to pay them the money we owe them or we are going to be late and they are going to send their knee breakers over to pay us a visit.  We will then have to defend ourselves out of fear and it's on like Donkey Kong! 

HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU BORROW MONEY FROM YOUR ENEMY AND EXPECT IT TO WORK OUT FOR THE GOOD IN THE END?  Someone please, answer this question, I just don't get it?

I am sorry to go on a political rant here.  I try to avoid this at all costs.  When I saw the Senator spill out that number today like it was nothing, my blood boiled!  Oh yeah and as long as I am pissed and have your eyes open, A JUDGE IN FLORIDA, JUST ALLOWED SHARIA LAW TO DETERMINE THE OUTCOME in a case down there!  We are now allowing  Sharia Law here in the USA!  Folks what do we do?

Someone please give me an answer because I just don't have any!

Until we see each other again on the road,

Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back
and the Man off your ass!

Your confused friend,
Jack Shit


  1. I wish I had answer Jack. It seems most of the country is either oblivious s or retarded. I guess just keep your guns loaded for when the shit finally goes down.

  2. vote the fuckers out thats all we have legally