It's been a good ride so far!

Since I was just a kid all I have ever wanted to do was to make people laugh or just smile. As a child, an educator sent a note home to my parents. It read; If your son thinks he is going to get through life making people laugh he is in for a RUDE AWAKENING! He is not living up to his potential. WELL, I'M STILL NOT! But at this site you will at least see me try. From the heart, thank you for even being interested, it means the world to me. I always say, I have not a single fan but many a friend!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I nearly drowned!

.... or at least it sure as shit felt like it.  I know I have not posted much recently but I was getting ready for Sturgis and there was much to do.  Expect all kinds of stuff coming in the next two weeks!  I'm on my way there as we speak!  I left a half day early for the "just in case factor" and you know what, "just in case" has already happened!  In a day and a half, we have only made it 750 miles!  The rain tonight was non stop and visibility was near zero.  Each time we passed a truck, we had to wait until we knew we were in a straight away because as soon as you got next to it, a massive wave would over take you and you had to pound your way through it and pray that a bend in the road hadn't popped up!  I have no speedometer so I had no idea how fast I was going.  I thought maybe fifty or so.  We pulled off the road and a suggestion was made that maybe we could try around 60 or 65 and that they didn't think 75 or 80 was working all that well.  Well what the fuck do I know, I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio on the front of the Titanic leading the way!  Finally, after 450 miles, we just had to give up.

So now I sit in a Days Inn in Colorado City, Colorado, waiting on a pizza and blow drying not one, but two pair of boots so that I have something to put on for the ride in the morning!  Who knew it would take a week to get to the Sturgis Rally? 

As you guys know, I am the host of the rally at the WORLD FAMOUS BROKEN SPOKE SALOON CAMPGROUND, so if you are heading to Sturgis, you best come in and say hello and have a drink!  I look forward to seeing you guys there and if you are not going, I guess you will just have to keep up with my trip on here.  I have been on the road two days and have taken two pics!  I have to figure out the photo part of photo journalist!

Till we see each other again,

Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back
and The Man off your ass!

I am your soaking wet friend,
Jack Shit


  1. I don't envy you. I've done that "rain ride" before. Stay safe brother.

  2. im jonesing for sturgis!!! have a great time!!!