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Monday, February 28, 2011

Politics and Religion, never discuss either, OR ELSE!

Unless you are absolutely sure that you want to really
fuck up a party, a friendship, a job, etc.,etc., etc.!

Allow me to say this to you all first.  I am not a democrat, nor a republican.  I am in the party of common sense and just plain DOING THE RIGHT THING!  I make no decisions because that is what I am supposed to do or expected to do.  I do what my heart and my brain tells me is the right thing to do!

As shocking as this may seem to some of you fine folks out there who read my writings.  Bike related, philosophical, comedic and shear stupidity are usually the topics that I touch on in some cases and write in depth the details of a great adventure in others.  More often than not, I hold back on the topics of politics or religion!  I have seen the dearest of friends, friends for a great many years that would damn near be willing to die for one another have their relationship go to complete shit if not come to TOTAL BLOWS over these two topics at damn near the spur of the moment, the drop of a hat or in an instant in some cases with absolutely no warning what so ever!  To see people have a total meltdown like flipping a light switch is fun to watch at times but horrifying to watch at others when it is people you care about.

Having grown up back in the North East, I am sure you can all imagine how deeply the attacks on America and especially the World Trade Center would have hit me.  I come from a long line of Police Officers and Firemen, hey, I am Irish after all.  It was either do that or become garbage men so my family went in those directions.  I'll never forget members of my family going to anywhere between 5 to 10 funerals per week for some time.  Then again more services each time that a new body or worse yet a body part was found and identified.  I was not in NYC that day, I had not been there in a few weeks by the time 9/11 occurred.  But we all have stories.  One of my clients back in the day was a restaurant named Windows on the World and it was on the very top of the World Trade Center.  At the time that this tragedy began that spectacular September morning, would have been the exact time that I would have been making a delivery to the top, there would have been no surviving it for me and I often reflect on that.  I awoke that morning on the couch upstairs in my living room.  I had come home late the night before and just fell asleep there.  I heard my wife scream downstairs and wasn't sure if I were dreaming.  Then I heard the dog barking in a panicked way, he was scared as he had never heard her scream like that.  I could hear her racing up the stairs repeating OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!  Jack, baby, please wake up, please baby wake up and with that, I heard the television go on.  The first plane had hit the tower and I watched in horror.  We knew so many people who worked there and we were so scared that this accident had happened.  Then only minutes later, the second tower was hit and my heart sank, it was not an accident, our nation was under attack by using our own airliners as missiles.  I will never till the day that I die forget the sights of watching people jump from the buildings full well knowing that they could never survive but just couldn't handle the pain of being burned alive and they chose to have one last moment of control, of choice, they made that choice and jumped!

From that day on, I was a news junkie.  I never changed the channel on the television, not for months and months!  I wanted to know the people who had done this, I wanted to know the reason and I wanted to know what drove them to do this.  I was in Daytona for bike week when I watched the first bombing of the trade center years before.  What could bring people to attack innocent people in such a cowardly fashion.  So you see here where I am going with the title of the blog, Politics and Religion, which were the cause of this chicken shit attack on our nation.  I have never been a fan of reading fiction, but mostly kept my reading to True Crime or of biographies of great people, but no longer.  I needed to find answers so that I could find understanding and no matter how much I have read and I have learned since that tragic day, I still have really very few answers. 

I fancy myself to be a reasonably intelligent person who longs for knowledge.  I believe that the greatest gift one can give them self is education and or knowledge.  I learned so much about the middle east, about Al Qaeda, the mujaheddin, hamas, Hezbollah and so much more.  I will never make a final opinion until I have heard each side of the story, whether it be from two friends fighting over a misunderstanding or two ways of life fighting over what they believe is their cause!  I also keep a truly open mind until I hear the facts.  Many times I can understand points of view or at the very least the often ill fated logic that seems to have taken them to take their position.

Now we are a nation at war.  We are a nation at war fighting on multiple fronts at the same time and this is hardly sustainable even for the world's greatest military force.  After 9/11 all of us, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Iindependents all wanted payback!  When you are attacked, I don't care what has been preached to us, you can't always turn the other cheek, better yet there are times you would be fool to.  Everyone was for going in and getting these COWARD FUCKS.  I don't know of a single person here in America who short of those who agreed with the attacks because America is of course the Great Satan, that was not behind our President!  Yes, I will say those two now un-speakable words, George Bush.  Did the guy really screw up in the end, well sure.  Did we find WMD's, no!  Were there WMD's, from all that I have read, there sure were and the Mujaheddin was in charge of them and they were moved right over the border in to Iran.  You know those guys, Iran, the friend of the world where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is there for all.  Well all who are at the very top of their crooked ass Government, if you don't fall in to that category, well then you get beatings, jailed or executed for speaking your mind.  As I am doing here, as so many of you did when you called President Bush a Nazi or even worse or all of the things I read and hear about our current President, right or wrong, we at least have the right to say it!  Sure is nice to have the right to speak freely isn't it?

Well before I go off and start getting in to what caused this war that they are fighting over there in the middle east since damn near the beginning of man walking up right, I will get in to what got me so fired up these last few days.  What got me to sit down tonight, write this and quite possibly lose both readers and friends is shame.  Not shame of being an American, not shame for supporting our troops nor shame for wishing that any person on earth who longs to be free should get just that, freedom.  What I am ashamed of is the way that we, "our government" has acted in these last two years.  When did we go from defending the underdog, defending those who can't defend themselves from brutal dictators and genocide and saving the free world in WWII, to being the nation that goes around the world and apologizes for being the nation that we are.  Shame because we have placed this Bullshit Global warming, oh wait, they proved that wrong, but there is still a shit ton of money to be made in it, so now it's new and improved with a new marketable name, what is it, oh yeah, GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!  Who could argue that right?  Was it hot yesterday, well yes!  Was it cooler today, well, yes!  HA!  PROOF RIGHT THERE, CLIMATE CHANGE!    We have placed this shit above human rights, saving lives and helping to spread freedom to those who long for it.  We have put protecting unions who donate tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars to campaigns above standing up to a dictator who is slaughtering his own people in the streets.  Shame that we make no moves to do the right thing any longer until the polls are taken and these politicians wait to see the results to determine what action we will take.

Forget about what just happened in Egypt, I won't get in to that whole debacle but I'll say this.  We knew this was coming for over two years, this administration who was so surprised by the "sudden uprising" was in fact holding, training, teaching and supporting the young man, the student who got the whole thing started and paying for it all and providing him with his Visa to be here in America, somehow didn't know anything about it.  I won't go any further on this. 

What finally was the proverbial straw that broke Jack Shit's back was this shit in Libya.  People are being murdered in the streets for saying a dictator must go!  We said nothing!  It gets so bad that we begin plans to close our embassy and officially, we have no position!  We have the greatest Naval force on planet Earth and we sent not one ship even in to the area.  Still, while every ambassador and staff and foreign national from every other country is racing to get out of the country, we say nothing!  Every single nation with a Navy sent warships there and immediately loaded up their citizens and got them out of the country before they could be kidnapped, tortured and killed and we did and said nothing!  There are over 6 thousand Americans registered who live there.  The excuse by this administration for doing and saying nothing was that they didn't want to make anyone over there mad at us until we got our people out.  Did we send ships from the most powerful and state of the art Navy on earth there to get our people out?  NO!  WE RENTED, YES RENTED a ferry to save the lives of our citizens.  I'll say it again, WE RENTED A FUCKING FERRY!  So instead of having ships there to protect our citizens while they were being loaded on to one of OUR SHIPS, they were loaded on to a ferry that was such a piece of shit that for nearly 40 hours it could not leave the dock because the water was too "choppy" for this piece of shit to make the short journey someplace else!  How many days ago was that?  FRANCE STOOD UP TO GADHAFI BEFORE WE DID!  Yes, you heard me correctly, France stood up to them first.  NOW I AM REALLY ASHAMED! 
On this subject I will say one more thing and this is why I call bullshit!  With the exception of the plane that we chartered, not military transports, a chartered plane, just like the fucking ferry.  Maybe we got a deal on the rental who knows, carry how many people?  The ferry took 250 Americans from Libya, what does a plane hold, another 200 or so?  That is 400 - 500 people, Americans.... where are the other 5500?  We said nothing because we currently have people in office with no spine, no heart and no common sense and damn it is pretty scary.

Today, for the very first time, our fearless leaders here in the good ol' US of A made an announcement, that he must go!  REALLY?  NO SHIT!  We all knew this already because France stood up to this bully more than a week ago!  Today too now, we have only just started to steam our ships even in that direction.  I am not a war monger.  There is nothing on Earth that I hate more than war.  The senseless loss of life for what?  But just as we had to do in WWII, there are times that you must stand up to an evil dictator and put a stop to the senseless killing of men, women and children who have done nothing but maybe wanted to have a FACEBOOK profile of their very own.

I will say this to you now.  If I offended you with this understand one thing and remember the disclaimer at the top of the page and the promise that I made to you when I first began this blog.  I will never lie to you.  I will never mislead you and never for personal gain will I ever give you information with a "personal slant" to make you lean one way or another.  What this world needs now, not just America, is a return to simple common sense and a return to live and let live.  We have become the police department to the world and although for the most part I have come to truly hate the police, there is a reason that they need to exist.  Sometimes the cops have to kick down the door of a murderer who is hiding in a house and holding hostages.  There are times when you must risk losing on your end, to help an innocent who can't protect themselves or has found themselves in harms way.  When you have the ultimate SWAT team, what good are they if you can't use them because the Chief of Police is afraid that if he sends them in, he will upset or offend all the other criminals and they may commit more crimes.  You deal with one Scumbag at a time and then you deal with the next. 

I truly do hope and pray that in our times or at the very least our children's times that there may one day be peace!  Now let's just take a small unit of Delta and some Rangers and go take this piece of shit out of the picture before he can use chemical weapons or some other un-Godly weapon on his own, innocent people who just want to live a good life, raise their children and be FREE!


  1. you know they say oppinions are like assholes, every one has one and this was mine! Thanks Joey!

  2. you didn't offend me...
    maybe made me respect you just a little more...

  3. Preach on Brother Jack! AMEN! It's always nice to read something like this and realize I am not the only sane SOB left in America. God Bless The USA and lets get this shit back on track.


  4. I'm not offended, at all,and can't really see much I can argue with here.

    However, I am a 'believer' in the whole "Climate Change" "We are fucking our planet" scenario. I'm not a fan of how the World's Gumbiments are dealing with the issues, but I'm just a dumb truckie/mechanic. so what would I know? ....

    Back to your post, with regard to the climate comments, I don't think the two issues are exclusive. Yes, we need to take positive and swift action against these despots. No question! Yes we need to protect our people without hesitation or excuses. But we also need, without delay, to find and implement serious ways of reducing the impact we're making on this planet....before there is no-one left, free or otherwise.

    My AU$0.02s worth ....

  5. EXACTLY!!!!

    Your thoughts and views are those of so many. I would say a majority of the American population. But, WHY doesn't our own gov't do anything about it? They seem to be only money collector's!!! Whatever happened to "for God and Country?" This all saddens me, so, greatly.