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Since I was just a kid all I have ever wanted to do was to make people laugh or just smile. As a child, an educator sent a note home to my parents. It read; If your son thinks he is going to get through life making people laugh he is in for a RUDE AWAKENING! He is not living up to his potential. WELL, I'M STILL NOT! But at this site you will at least see me try. From the heart, thank you for even being interested, it means the world to me. I always say, I have not a single fan but many a friend!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


More often than not, life's not too bad for us all.  As many of you now are just getting to know Jack Shit and once you do, no one can ever again tell you that you DON'T KNOW JACK SHIT, may not know that I have been through some heavy shit in my life.  At times a brutal childhood, through the years, hard work and even harder living have left me living each and every day in agonizing pain.  Some days are so bad it's difficult to stand or walk, other days you would never know anything is wrong with me.  As you know by now my wife is battling Multiple Sclerosis and putting up one incredible fight!  Rather than sit on the couch side by side and cry woes me, woes me, we have one thought that we live by and gauge every single bad thing that happens to us in our lives.... it's simple..... SOMEONE HAS ALWAYS GOT IT WORSE THAN WE DO!  Knowing that no matter how bad a day we are having, it could be SO MUCH WORSE!  Armed with that knowledge it is hard to feel bad for yourself.  I want you to all think about this as we each face so much hardship these days.  Loss of jobs, hell, loss of careers! Pensions gone because some asshole on Wall Street was playing craps with all of our lives.  So many of us face losing our homes or are just barely getting through each month.  I have heard people say, well we had to get rid of our big house and now we live in this tiny shit hole.....TINY SHIT HOLE?  We have American Soldiers living in FUCKING CARDBOARD BOXES!  Compare that to your tiny shit hole, you at least have a place to call a shit hole!

Someone always has it worse than you do!  When I am at my lowest and believe me, I get low!  You folks I am sure have heard the phrase, Tears of a Clown?  That's what life is like inside my twisted brain.  I raise myself up by helping someone else.  It doesn't matter if I walk across the street and help the old guy pick up branches that broke off of his tree from the last storm, or diving into a bar fight to help protect someone who does not deserve what is happening to them.  I have foolishly done this on more than one occasion and the results are never really good no matter how the fight turns out!  The good that comes from helping someone for me is damn near immeasurable.  It honestly makes me feel high!  When you stop or don't do something that seems virtually insignificant to you, may be lifting the proverbial weight of that final straw that may just break that camel's back.  There is only so much a person can handle. 

We see these stories on the news or hear them from friends about folks who have taken their own lives.  You hear just a tiny bit of what they were going through and we tend to call them weak for doing it.  Yet we know not what demons they carry around, what past mis-deeds torture their very souls or what gives them such overwhelming sadness that they give up completely, they have the will to fight no more.   We all suffer or hurt from something and it sure feels good when a friend lends a hand but it is damn near mind blowing when a complete stranger does it.

As you guys have come to know, not only do I write, but I am a comedian, yes, a professional comedian (that means I get paid for it) and I too am an emcee.  I get compensated pretty damn well for coming to an event, taking over and making damn sure that every single person leaves there feeling like they just had the best time ever and can't wait to come back again and make it even better!  Tomorrow, I will be hosting an event that although we want people to feel like it was a great event but we need them to remember why they are there.  SOMEONE ALWAYS HAS IT WORSE.  Two weeks ago or so, I wrote a few blogs about a guy named Panda, who we lost in a terrible bike accident, as if there were any other kind.  Well this is someone who lived by this very credo, HELP SOMEONE IN NEED!  This amazing man left behind a devastated group of friends but more so, he left behind his boys.  Now not only have they lost their dad, but they also lost their provider, their role model, their hero and their best friend.  Tomorrow I will be able to forget how much it hurts when I first stand up in the morning.  Tomorrow I will forget how much my back hurts from standing for 12 hours, tomorrow I will forget all that is bad and wrong in my life because tomorrow I will help a family desperately in need of love, help and support. 

Yes, tomorrow I will volunteer my service, my skills and my heart.  I will not be paid but I will be compensated tremendously!  Take a moment from your hectic life and just do something good for someone else, you will be blown away at how it makes you feel.  I mean shit folks, stop and help someone with a flat, give someone thirsty a bottle of water, JUST DO SOMETHING!

I don't ever want to sound like I am preaching to anyone, ever!  I won't do it, it's not my style.  I am just sharing with you, my friends, what helps to get me through my bad days and I swear to you that it works, just give it a try.  SOMEONE ALWAYS HAS IT WORSE THAN YOU DO and that is a fact my friends.

Rise out of your own personal hell by doing something heavenly!  Pay this shit forward and this world that is racing out of control may just slow it's pace and once again, over time get back to the things that matter most, friendship, family, honor, trust and most importantly, RESPECT!

Please don't get me wrong, I AM IN NO WAY A SAINT.... I may do this all for purely selfish reasons.  They say what you put out in the Universe comes back on you.  That you keep positive Karma and it comes back on you.  You do good and it comes back 10 fold....  Well, WE ARE WAITING!  I am not greedy, I don't need 10 fold, I would however like to see some of this start coming back at EVEN MONEY, I am cool with that.  I love to do good things, but we are long overdue for some good to happen to us.  So we just keep pushing forward and staying positive, one day, we will be rewarded!  Hell, I should have died a few times over already, maybe I've already been paid and I'm just paying that back, who knows?


Jack Shit!


  1. if you like what you read or are of like mind and know someone who needs a smile or a pick me up, please share this blog and I'll make it my mission to make them smile!

  2. Jack I done my deed for the day!!!

    Tell George that Smoke Bummer’s are everywhere not just In AZ..:)

    Everything that could be wrong is wrong in this vid. The winds blowing like hell and apparently right across the camera. The damn things looking right into the sun. Crank it up to hear what is said above the wind.

    She wasn’t going to take my last one, bless her heart..

    Bum a Smoke