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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

At first, when I saw the headline above, the title of this post I thought "yeah, okay, sure?"  Another sensationalized story to create and spread fear among the people that would get spread around the net like a wild fire.  No matter what these posts are, I keep an open mind when I watch the video or read the story and I make an educated decision FOR MYSELF on whether I believe what is in front of me.  I didn't change the title of this post from its original story from Info Wars.  Hell, I'd never even heard of Info Wars before this.  I was never a journalism student so I hope that I've given enough credit where credit is due here.  If you believe that this is fear mongering then so be it, but when you can see the documents in front of you how can you deny it?  When you see ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIERS rolling down the streets of your town and they do not belong to the Army National Guard on their way to training, but they belong to the local Sheriff and PD, you have got to ask, what the hell is going on and you must wonder, what the hell is in store for us?  What do the people who make the deals, the decisions and OWN OUR LIVES know that we do not?  Well the answer is in this video.  I try to never get real political with this blog or on FaceBook with my posts unless it strikes at the core of my very being or at the core of being an American!  THIS IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON OUR RIGHTS.  The rights that hundreds of thousands of Americans have died to protect since we became the once truly great nation of the United States.   I know many people will say fuck that, they will have to take my gun from my cold dead hand and you know what, you are right, that is just where it will be taken from if you do not submit!  THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO, yes, the entire video.  Until we see each other on the road again,
Keep the wind in your face,
Tits in your back
and The Man off your ASS!

Your friend,

Jack Shit


  1. I really doubt it can be done. I will keep the rest of my opinion in my pocket so I don't have to be forced by government to explain my thoughts are not actions. Yes, we now live in fear of lossing our rights as we knew them. shame....

  2. Very Scary! I believe (unfortunately) that the Government can do and will do whatever it wants. But "Lead don't digest" so bring on the ZOMBIES!!!